Taking The Brief

To design around you and your people DÉCOR N MORE first needs to understand your culture and what you do together with your building appraisal this forms the canvas for any designs we make.

A critical part of the residential interior design process is the Design Brief. Your brief will form the foundation for your interior design project, encompassing not only your likes and dislikes but your hopes, dreams and expectations for your interior space. By creating a design brief, you and your designer will have a clear understanding of the requirements of your project. Committing some time and thought at the start of your project can save you a whole load of time, money and stress later!



Tell your Designer what your objectives are, is it to create a better living environment for your family or is it to influence your company’s future by creating a working environment for your employees that is uplifting or that attracts the public to your premises.


Even if you are not sure of the overall budget provide a ballpark figure so that the Designer can give a good idea of what is possible for the Designer to provide. If there is a timescale, then let the Designer know what that is.


Tell the Designer exactly what is required, what the size of the project is, and the number of rooms or areas. What are you hoping to achieve?


Tell the designer what you like and what you don’t.
What colours? Is there a logo to follow?
Are there any disabilities that need to be considered? Mental Health in particular must be thought about as some colours and patterns are perceived in a very different way and can cause behavioural issues. Have some pictures of room designs that you do like and what you don’t like. Expecting your Designer to second guess what you require rarely produces good results, the more information you can provide the better.
Make sure that everything is listed in the letter of Appointment, the Designer should make sure that what you are going to receive for the agreed fee is very clear.
If you are not sure – ASK.